You may not be familiar with South London’s new golden girl Wolfie yet, but that is soon set to change. Since dropping her first track and video for the Star Wars themed love song “Obi Wan” in March the songstress has started picking up a steady following, furthered again by her second track “Outta Earth”. Dark tinged yet romantic UK RnB at its best, we recommend you find space on your summer playlist.

What’s your earliest musical memory? 

Singing and ‘dancing’ to ‘Mickey Mouse’ at this theatre in Kent with my local dance group, I was about five, I loved it but my twin sister Emily grew to hate it and had to be pushed on stage most times - the videos are the funniest thing.

There’s a dark tinge to your sound, why do you think RnB works best now when it’s moody?

I think RnB, like all genres, work best when it's real emotion and you can truly connect to that. A lot of new artists that come with that dark sort of underlay are doing well I believe because the music is relatable, not everyone's relationships or love lives are flowers and hearts. When new music reflects our society and our generation’s traits that's when it wins I think. 

What do you think sets you apart from other musicians and music being released now?

I’m just doing what I feel and releasing it when I feel, I’m grateful because this allows me to work so organically and emotionally with my tunes, like with when I want to release them and which ones I choose to release, I’m always connected. And I believe me being me is what makes me different, you know, it's my musical influences blended lyrically with my experiences and my inspirations. It's all my expression, so I guess what sets me apart is that I’m just doing me solely. 

Your EP is due to be released soon, what has inspired the lyrics on these tracks?

8 Ball is based around my life’s balance. A balance of the situations I’ve been through and learnt from, the feelings within those situations and what I felt I’ve learned from them. The number eight in numerology is a number of infinity, self power and prosperity, whilst the term ‘8 Ball’ means a 1/8 of an ounce of plants and an 8 Ball toy is a magic fortune telling ball, which was manufactured and made to try and replicate the reading of crystals in Roma Gypsy culture. All three of these elements influence me and this EP somehow, whether it be melodically, lyrically or instrumentally each song will have an element of one. 

Who do you listen to when you want to be inspired? And why that person? 

I listen to a lot of music that doesn’t necessarily correlate with my sound like Barry White, Paul Simon, or muso music like Snarky Puppy or early Garage and Grime. I try to stay away from what's current or any specific artists when writing so I’m not influenced heavily by melodies or catchy lyrics etc. 

What was the first album you bought and how has your musical taste changed since that?

The first album I remember actually purchasing myself was Wiley ‘Playtimes Over’ in 2007. I still love Wiley and actually listen to most of what I did when I was younger, I still proudly play the Spice Girls and BeWitched!

You’ve just finished touring with The Internet - what did that experience teach you about playing live?

To just vibe and chill. I was lucky enough to tour with friends who I’ve known for years and who are some of the most talented and easiest musicians to work with. As an artist being supported by such a strong band I knew all I had to focus on was delivery and making sure everyone in the audience caught the wave we where riding on stage, we hoped to have warmed up their ears and energy for The Internet.

Anyone you’re keen to collaborate with?

Honestly I could give you the longest list of artists, producers and writers I’d like to work with but I know it's all in its own time and own course. I’m also trying to brush up on producing again myself, that right now is keeping me creatively busy.  

Talk us through your style and how your music reflects it. And is it important for an artist to have a certain look to be successful? Do you have a style icon?

Well I’m very much about comfort - comfort is key for me. My wardrobe is full of dark colours, jumpers, trainers, and some cheeky charity finds. I remember having a phase when I was younger when I wore a lot of prints and colours and dressed a bit hippie-like but then one day bought some Nike trainers and this black velour tracksuit, and never wore a long printed skirt again. I’d like to think from then my taste has developed, but all in all I just wear what I like and what I’m comfortable in. It’s important to be yourself and comfortable in yourself when successful so your style should I believe should just reflect that. 

What’s the one thing you want to achieve in the next six months?

I just want to keep on learning and growing and reaching more and more people. I hope to do more shows, explore new places, experiment with new sounds and work with new people. I’m excited to see how many people I can connect with with 8 Ball and plan to connect with more and more in the next six months. 

Finally, tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t expect? 

When I was in college I started a function band called Studio 54 and we’d do shows and sing Soul and Funk tunes like Diana Ross, Chic and Rose Royce etc. The biggest stage we played was the Silverstone Grand Prix, it was crazy, we played to like 150,000 people but what made it so great was that we had our own section of the track to watch the races - it was insane, but it definitely messed up my hearing before I had to perform, my ears were ringing. It was so intense! 

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