Tiana Major9

Tiana Major9 is the kind of talent that doesn’t come around every day. Her gut-wrenching blend of soul, jazz and RnB grabs you instantly, and doesn’t let go easily. Her sound - nuanced and melodic, complemented by her honeyed voice - is set to take her far. But it’s a sound that has been a while in the making. The East London native spent her teenage years on the gig circuit, building up a steady and dedicated fanbase, which culminated in the release of her recent EP Rehearsal @ NINE earlier this year. With new music on the horizon, we grab five minutes with the burgeoning star to talk songs, style and support.

Can you share some of the most influential music of your childhood, and tell us if there was a single artist that inspired you to become a musician?

Growing up, I used to listen to a lot of gospel, RnB and jazz music. It wasn’t until secondary school that I found my way through hip hop and started paying attention to the lyrical aspect of music. Lauryn Hill was a big influence, as was Brandy and D’Angelo.

You've received support from fellow artists like Stormzy and DJ Jamz Supernova - how important do you think it is for artists to support each other in this day and age?

Receiving support from fellow artists is very important and greatly appreciated. We’re all on a journey in music so support from our peers is essential.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

D’Angelo or Stevie Wonder for sure!

What message do you want your music to convey?

I don’t have one message but I would love for my supporters to relate and identify with my lyrics.

When it comes to fashion, you have a strong personal style. How important do you think this is as a performer now, and how did yours develop?

My mum is very stylish, I would say she’s an influence. But also, music and TV played a big role in determining my style. When I started off as an artist, I would read magazines and watch old music videos of artists in the 90s, then go to a thrift store and recreate the outfits. Today, I like to move around on stage so I make sure to wear things I’m comfortable in as opposed to wearing looks to fit a particular style. For some artists, having a distinct style is part of their artistry and for others it’s not hugely important, it just

What can fans expect from your upcoming music this year?

New music! More shows! More videos! More looks!