Sofi Tukker

New York duo Sofi Tukker’s brand of ultra rhythmic house pop is one of the most unique sounds in the music landscape right now. Their rapid rise to success (hundreds of millions of plays and a Grammy nomination before they even released an album) is a key indicator that maximalism is where it’s at.

From their debut single “Drinkee”, with lyrics adapted from a Brazilian poem to “Baby I’m A Queen”, the first single from their just-announced debut album Treehouse, Sofi Tukker are presenting a challenging, melodic and vibrant vision for music in 2018 and beyond. Get to know them a little better below and look out for Treehouse when it arrives on this month.

Hi Sofi Tukker, talk us through “Baby I’m A Queen”. What’s the song about and what kind of emotions do you hope it inspires?

“Baby I’m a Queen” is about embracing tumultuousness and vulnerability. Just because you are vulnerable, doesn’t mean you have to let yourself be belittled or infantilised. We are strong and empowered because we cry, because we desire, and because of what is chaotic about us. This song is about standing up as strong and powerful, because of that courage to share ourselves. It’s about being both a baby and a queen at the same time.

You’ve finished and announced your debut album Treehouse, was the emotional journey recording the album what you expected it to be?

We didn’t really have expectations. We had never made an album before and while we were making these songs, we didn’t even realize we were making an album. We only realized it once it was done and we saw some cohesion among the songs that we would release it in that particular way. The experience of it wasn’t an intensive period of time but rather a steady process. We made these songs while we were on the road, during our weeks off in cities all around the world, inspired by our travels, our experiences, and the people we met!

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What influences you outside of music?

Everything influences us! The people we meet, the places we go, the experiences we have together - a beautiful landscape, anything and everything may move us to create!

You’re about to start a pretty comprehensive US tour. Which places are you looking forward to visiting? Is life on the road inspirational to you?

Life on the road is really inspirational to us. We thrive on it. It’s constantly changing but there’s a rhythm to it that we love. We love being on the road with our friends and also getting to meet so many new people around the world is our favourite! We love experiencing new countries and cultures and ways of being. It keeps everything so fresh and invigorating! We feel lucky to get to do what we do.