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Siska is a rare artist. Honest and uncompromised her dreamy take on pop music draws from her rich life, and her creative vision continues to grow with each track or video released. Last year her video for Unconditional Rebel was praised for its innovative nature – the entire video was made up of five seconds of footage that had been slowed to a snail’s pace, and earlier this month she released the hypnotic video for new track Beautiful which sees Siska change appearance throughout. It’s this innovative nature that sets Siska apart and with her debut album released this month, and a French tour scheduled for October, you can expect big things on the horizon.

Your debut album is out at the end of the month, what can fans expect?

This is a very personal album. It’s intimate and retraces my path as a woman over these last four years - a woman in mutation! It is not a mature album either because these songs are my first steps in composition. Instead it is very instinctive, the production is modern but I can't classify my music in a genre or style. I would say it's a "sensitive, strength and soul" album.

What were some of your main influences, as a musician and songwriter?

My inspirations on this album are clearly the nature, the maternity of becoming a mother, human relations in general, and how I stand in the world that surrounds me. I left the city to connect to the sea, to Mother Nature, and that allowed me to take some distance from my work and my life. My influences are very wide and eclectic. I grew up with my parent’s music which was traditional Judeo - Arabic music but also I listened to the soul music of the 70s.

Then as a teenager I discovered reggae and Afrobeat music and that was linked to my life and the concerns of my neighbourhood at the time. Growing up in the "quartiers Nord" of Marseille, a very popular area, the lyrics of Fela Kuti and Bob Marley really meant something to us. Then, following that I discovered electronic music, first with dub and then drum’n’bass, dubstep and trap.

Your album is called A Woman’s Tale - is it based on you and is it important to you to be autobiographical as a musician?

Yes, I've always been in bands, and now with this solo project I have to face myself, to express and assert my weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

What made you want to follow this career path?

I studied for a long time at university. I loved to learn but I was living with musicians and that influenced me a lot at the time. I found a way to really let myself go with music.

Who influences you musically?

I love Chet Baker but also FKA Twigs. I love innovative people, those who transmit emotions, people like Björk obviously. Today I listen to artists like James Blake, Chet Faker but then also come back to my classics, Billie Holliday, Erykah Badu - I can't list everybody!

Your video for Unconditional Rebel is beautiful and is made up of slowed down footage that was shot in five seconds. How did the idea arise?

And how important is it for you to be involved with all creative aspects of your career - from music to videos to styling?

The idea for this video came from the director, it came to him when he listened to the song. It's important for me as an artist to deliver a whole universe, a way to better understand myself, to transmit and share ideas and to flourish.
The video, the dance, the styling offers me the opportunity to work with other artists and that gives another light to my work, it helps me to evolve my art.

How important is fashion to you, and where do you draw influence from in terms of fashion?

Fashion is for me a way to express myself. Some artistic eras can inspire me, silent movies, the style of 70s. I also love nature, so for example, big cats, the way they move, their look is amazing to me. Africa is also a main influence, especially for hairstyles because they dare to do incredible and innovative things!

What do you see as the difference between fashion and style, and what do you admire about Emporio Armani?

For me style is something that come from inside, from our own deep personality whereas fashion is something that is expressed with clothes, hairstyles, shoes...
What I admire about the Emporio Armani is the garments and the way they are beautifully cut - in French we say coupe d'un vêtement.

Which other French artists do you think we should have on our radar?

Listen to Alltta, the Nowadays label, Her, Elodie Rama and Straybird.