Sarah Close

Sarah Close is no stranger to life in the spotlight. Starting her successful YouTube channel at just 14 years old she is used to sharing her emotions with others, and so turning her attention to music always felt like the natural next step. First up came her “Caught Up” EP last year, followed by her latest single “Crazy Kind”, released on her own label. Infectious pop mixed with impeccable vocals, we talk crazy antics and style icons with Sarah.

Your new single is called “Crazy Kind” - what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

When I was coming back from a friend’s wedding last year I got on the tube home and some people were playing music out loud and dancing along. They called out to me and asked if I had a song to request and of course, I requested “September” by Earth Wind & Fire, which is the only right thing to do in that situation. So we all started dancing and singing on the tube and then ended up getting off at the same stop. Normally at this point I would say my goodbyes, wish them a good night and be on my way, but something in me that night threw caution to the wind and I ended up back at their flat, they then took me to a club where their friend was DJ'ing and we had a great time!

What is inspiring your music right now?

I'm writing a lot about friendship. In the last year and a half, I really feel like I've found my place and my people in London, which is a hard thing to find because cities can be so lonely. It's also just been five years since I moved here, so I've been doing lots of reflecting and exploring the highs and the lows of the friendships I have made here.

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Which three albums can’t you live without and why?

My mum raised me on Carole King's “Tapestry” and Kirsty MacColl's “Tropical Brainstorm”, those albums are so well written and I love turning the volume up when I'm driving and singing along. My third album would be “Alive 2007” by Daft Punk, I love that you can hear the crowd and the songs are incredible.

How important is style to you as a performer and do you have a style icon?

I love fashion and I love dressing up. I love that I can be in baggy trousers one day and the next day in a skirt, or wear bright pink make up or nothing at all. I dress for the mood I'm in and I find it so much fun expressing myself that way. I think Bella Hadid has spot on style for my tastes and I certainly wouldn't turn down an invitation to raid her wardrobe!

Which other women are inspiring you now and why?

Jameela Jamil, what an absolute babe she is. I love everything she's about right now and I'm so behind the conversations she's having about body image and beauty standards! I love Charli XCX because she feels so unapologetically her and that's inspiring in an industry that constantly wants you to be like everyone else and finally, my best friends, because they're all going through a lot of tough situations right now and holding it down like absolute queens!

What do the next six months hold for you?

More music and more shows!! The Sarah Close train is in action and going full speed ahead and I have no intention of slowing down. I've got my first and only show of 2018 at The Borderline in November, it's going to be a special show because that was where I went out all the time as a student so to be playing it now feels like it's come full circle. The new year is going to start with new music and another London show to be announced soon!