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He’s the London visionary that is being tipped for greatness and compared to the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd – and he’s only just getting started. We get to know Santino is six questions.

What is your earliest memory of music?

Long car journeys with my dad was the first intro to music that influenced the artist I am today and who I will be in 20 years as I plan on being around for a long time.

Which song do you wish you’d written?

I couldn’t imagine taking the credit away from someone else’s track but I would love to have made the song ‘The Zone ft Drake' by The Weeknd because of its simplicity and the way everything just flows and works. If I had written a track then it would be '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover’ by Paul Simon or ‘Bad Religion’ by Frank Ocean because they are two of my favourite songs and in my opinion, the best songs written that I consistently listen to

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You can invite five musicians, alive or dead, to a dinner party - who do you choose?

Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Post Malone, The Weeknd and Paul Simon.

Which song is guaranteed to make you dance?

I like hearing Hip-Hop and RnB in clubs mainly but depends on the vibe. I will happily go to a club and hear house or DnB but not for too long! Different settings, different vibes.

Can you describe your music in three words?

I can’t - but in one word: cinematic.

Finish this sentence: Music is…

more powerful than you think.

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