Rose Gray

When you study at the same school that has produced the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse people expect big things. Thankfully though, for Brit school attendee Rose Gray this shouldn’t be a problem. Inspired by music greats of the 60s Rose is creating soulful pop music with a modern twist, and with the infectious debut EP Blue released the best is yet to come. We catch up with Rose to talk about style, sound and the Swinging Sixties.

You studied at the prestigious Brit school - what were the most valuable lessons you learnt there?

I met all of my closest friends at the Brit school and we continue to teach each other a lot. But for me it was my first insight in to how much talent is out there. It’s this little bubble of creative genius not just in music but art, film, dance and radio too. It really opened my mind up!

You have spoken about being influenced by music greats form the 60s, what is it about this era of musician that excites you?

It’s got to be the soul and feeling behind the music, there's so much power and rawness to those artists. The music was experimental, psychedelic and yet still had so much elegance. The likes of Dusty Springfield, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, The Supremes, Hendrix - I mean the list could keep going on! To me there's something really magical about this time in musical history, it was the birth of singer/songwriters and represents true artistry. 

Each of your tracks also has a video with it, how important is it as an artist to have a distinct style?

I've always loved movies and the idea of telling a story. There's something really powerful about putting a visual to a track. I hope to be able to do that with all my music because when I'm writing there is always a story, a visual in mind. Style wise I think it's about being my most authentic self, dressing how I wish and doing just what feels right. I like to keep it real but know there's no limits.

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Where do you find inspiration for your own style, and do you have a style icon?

I've always dressed just how I wanted to dress, there's something very empowering to express yourself through this form. At the same time though I love to be just comfy and rock a baggy T-shirt. I've always had an affiliation with 1960's fashion and the likes of Jane Fonda and Marianne Faithful, Brigitte Bardot and The Beatles so they are up there as my style icons. I'm a London girl, so I'm always inspired by people just out and about as there is always so much to look at.

What three albums should everybody own?

The records are very special to me are 'I’m Still In Love With You' by Al Green, 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill' by Lauryn Hill and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club' by The Beatles.