Rejjie Snow is the Irish rapper who last year released All Around The World – a track and video featuring Lily-Rose Depp that cemented him as an integral new voice in UK hip hop. His massively anticipated debut album Dear Annie is finished, and everyone’s waiting with baited breath for the first single to drop.

Backed by Kaytranada, Rejjie Snow has been supporting Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar and even Madonna whilst selling out his own London shows in less than an hour. We meet him to talk about his hometown and a divine intervention from Pharrell when he was 12 years old.

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What’s the best thing about going back to Dublin?

It’s great to go back and be around the same friends I had when I was young. That’s cool. It’s nice to go back and just have people treat me like shit, know what I mean? Just being from Dublin, even though it’s a great place it’s just very…. different.

You worked with Lily-Rose Depp, what is she like?

She’s mad chill.

Is there anything holding you back right now?

Probably myself, being in my head too much. Sometimes I’ll be a bit afraid to do certain things and I’m learning to trust myself more.

Obviously with success comes a relative degree of fame, are you into it?

The fame thing isn’t something I’m really into. It’s not healthy is it to suddenly be projected into that world? It’s a long road. I always try to acknowledge everyone that sends me a message – to say thank you for caring because people don’t have to spend their day tweeting me. But there’s a line because although I am a musician I’m still a person too. I was always drawn to musicians that I could relate to.

Like who?

I just used to spend a lot of time on the internet looking at US and UK rappers. I met Pharrell when I was 12. He actually put me on stage. I was at the show front row singing along and he pulled me out the crowd to sing the hook to a song. That’s when I was like ‘ok I’ll be a musician!

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