From Robyn to Little Dragon to Tove Lo, Scandinavia has been known for creating iconic musicians, and we now have a new name to add to that list. Meet Menke, the young musician and multi-instrumentalist sending shockwaves through the music industry.

Discovered by Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia, Menke was swiftly signed to his record label and released her debut single, “Moln”, late last year. Upon hearing her music, Angello claims that he was almost ‘paralysed’, and it’s easy to see why. Melodic and haunting, it evokes a sense of beauty that is not easily rivalled. We catch up with the rising star to find out what inspires her.

What’s your earliest musical memory and do you come from a musical family?

One of my early musical memories is when we played the lyre in kindergarten. We were a bunch of about six kids sitting in a circle playing the lyre all together. That’s probably my first connection to an instrument and my first live music experience. My mother plays some guitar, as does my father, who also plays the drums. They didn’t play so much at home but I would still say I grew up having a lot of music around me.

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How does your heritage inspire your music?

I think living in this melancholic country affects my music a lot. The soft, yet mysterious and dramatic world I try to create blends well with the nature and the way the weather changes here in Sweden, from the soft atmosphere to the harsh cold. The shifting of the light through the seasons from bright all day in the summer to pitch black dark in the winter can be inspiring.

It struck me like lightning.

Talk us through the writing process of Moln?

I was just home one day, and out of boredom I picked a book randomly from the bookshelf. That book was a collection of poems by Karin Boye. I opened it up and read the first one, a poem called ’Moln’. It struck me like lightning. The words had such a strong impact on me, and as I read along I kept hearing this music in my head. I took the first instrument I could find, which was my banjo, and started playing and that was the song!

Scandi-pop has long been a really popular genre, what do you think it has that other music doesn’t?

I think it’s just a matter of true feelings and expressions. For me, it’s who I am and how I’m shaped. If I were to write a hip-hop song it would not be me and it would not sound authentic. But for someone coming from a big city it would probably be the opposite. So, I guess it’s more a question of finding out who you are rather than what the genre has or what it's missing

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