2018’s alt-pop sensation

Madge is the one-woman occult-pop project from LA. Delving into Celtic mythology, the legacy of her Mormon upbringing in Utah, contemporary spirituality and a 2018 take on pop sounds, she’s the power-punching, self-produced artist to get your ears around in 2018.

Her debut single, “Fight or Fight Club”, released on Valentine’s Day this year, combines the disarming sweetness of a pop song but with undertones of the spiritual, personal, intellectual, societal and physical. After following up last month with the sonic sucker punch “Red James” she is due to release another new single next month before a full EP arrives at the height of summer.

Hey Madge, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm a DIY producer and performer. I have a goal of doing and making everything. I love attention and I hate attention. The only thing I believe in is the limitlessness and absurdity of the internet.

Could you describe your music in three words?

ADHD, DIY, beat-driven... Surprise! That was nine words!

Who was the last person you called?

My landlord. I locked myself out. This happens about twice a week.

What’s it like living in LA? Do you think you’ve changed since you moved there?

LA is interesting. It's very asocial. I find myself flaking out a lot more. Everyone in LA wants to be your best friend and hang out - and I can honestly say that I want to be and do that, too! Except, like everyone else, I find myself cancelling plans all the time and I can't tell you exactly why. Driving is hard. Everybody is far away. Last call is ridiculously early. I also spend more time outside by myself, though. That's been nice. I'm more of a nature guy now.

Do you have a style icon?

I'm pretty obsessed with Siouxsie Sioux. That vintage Berlin drag and cabaret. Over-the-top, messy, glamorous.

Would you rather have time or money?

Honestly? At this point in my life I'd say money. I'm a musician!

Where’s your favourite place to hang out on the internet?

Depends on the time of day... Lately, I've been hanging out on the Academic Fellowship Opportunities corner of the internet. My dream is to get an academic or artistic residency and work on an album exploring deterioration and grief. Oh, and also Amazon. I go there a lot.

Can you tell us a secret?

Tricky question. I fantasize about going off the grid almost everyday. I see the irony there. Don’t @ me!