Lauren Aquilina

You might not know Lauren Aquilina’s name yet but this year that looks set to change. Hand-picked by Taylor Swift as a support act on her 1989 tour, back in 2016, when she was just 20 years old, Lauren went on to release her debut album “Isn’t It Strange” later that same year.

Following this though, she decided to take a break from making music to concentrate on herself and her future, but luckily for fans that hiatus is now over. Towards the end of last year, Lauren released her comeback single ‘Psycho’ that clocked up over 100,000 plays in its first weekend, and with plenty of new music on the horizon, 2019 is definitely looking bright. In the meantime, we catch up with the rising star to talk style and sisterhood.

You’re releasing music again after a three-year hiatus, how do you feel you’ve evolved, both musically and personally, since then?

I’ve definitely grown a lot as a person - the difference between being 20 and being 23 feels pretty huge, actually. Taking some time off gave me a chance to have some real-life experiences, do things I might regret, meet new people outside of the music world. It was so good to get out of the bubble for a while and I think all of that has fed into the music too, so it all feels different.

Talk us through what's inspiring your sound and lyrics now?

The focus is all on honesty now. When I look back at my older stuff, I can hear myself trying to be other artists or trying to say what I thought people wanted to hear. Of course, it’s impossible not to be influenced by other artists, but I’m trying my best now to just make stuff that feels very authentic to me, so that I’ll be able to listen to it when I’m old and remember exactly how I felt at this point in my life. I also think listeners can always tell if something is real or not.

Girls are magic.

You've worked alongside some really strong females figures in music, how do you feel sisterhood is represented in today’s music industry?

It’s SO nice! We’re trained as girls (pretty much since birth) to pit ourselves against one other and get jealous of each other, but I’ve felt a shift in the past couple of years. I definitely still have weak moments, but in general, I think we’re all realising how much better the world feels if we all support each other. Becoming a songwriter meant I got to meet and work with so many more women than I did when I was just an artist, and that’s one of the things I’m really grateful for. Girls are magic.

Who is your musical icon?

Tough one. I’m obsessed with Imogen Heap’s melodies, but equally obsessed with Alanis Morissette and Taylor Swift for lyrics - probably a combination of the three.

How important is fashion to you as a performer? And how do you define your style?

I wouldn’t say I follow trends in fashion TOO much, but it’s definitely important for me to wear things on stage that I feel confident and powerful in. I always feel great wearing a mixture of girly and grungy clothes, so a mini dress with Dr. Martens or platform sneakers has been my go-to outft recently.

What are you most excited for this year?

I have some songs coming out with other artists that I’m super excited about – things that could potentially change my life! But mostly, I’m excited to keep coming out with music that I’m really proud of and tour some more as well. There’s nothing better than meeting people who like your music, face-to-face.