Kojey Radical

Musician, visual artist and spoken word artist Kojey Radical is fast becoming the name to know if you’re looking for an artist with poignant music and striking visuals. Fierce lyricism and detailed and intricate production from a range of collaborators marked out his last EP, 23 Winters that was released last year, as the start of very big things fro the London-based artist.

We last heard you on the EP 23 Winters, what can we expect next?

We last heard you on the EP 23 Winters, what can we expect next?
More music. The next project is nearly done. We have a lot of music, but I want to make it a work of art so at the moment that's my priority. I’m still playing lots of shows though, and recently went to Berlin to perform and film a new track for the COLORS BERLIN platform. It was a track called ‘LOOK LIKE’ and it was produced with a good friend of mine, UK producer The Last Skeptik.

What is inspiring you lyrically right now?

I’m listening to a lot of 808Ink and Jay IDK.

Your work has always been about commentary, do you think that will be even stronger now?

Naturally I think music has the power to inspire change, and you would hope that we - as artists - understand the responsibility to communicate messages that perhaps challenge, and are provocative in their nature. I feel that politics has a direct effect on the culture and thus then is created because of that; so music is one of those things. Everyone will interpret my music differently.

How important is art now?

Any artist or performer takes their inspiration and cues from the world around them, which will in turn encourage them to create. Art and creativity is a huge outlet for so many individuals, and I think that in the current climate the frustrations and anger will lead to art becoming more influential than ever.

What do you learn about yourself when you’re making a record?

To listen to my instinct and to try new things, and to keep pushing my boundaries.

Can you talk us through your creative process?

I’m a perfectionist. That’s all you need to know.

What does 2017 have in store for you?

More Music. More Art.