this year’s floor-filling superstar

Kah-Lo is creating music like you’ve never heard before. Combining influences from Lagos, London and New York and striking up a formidable creative partnership with formidable House producer Riton, her sound (for now) is a floor-filling combination of heavy bass beats, unforgettable pop hooks and lyrics about late nights.

With millions of streams already on the board for the singles “Fasta” and “Fake ID” and the prospect of a full-length collab with Riton arriving this year, Kah-Lo is 2018’s unstoppable pop force.

You moved between Lagos, London and New York when you were younger. Can you hear the influence of all of those places in your music?

I think so. The music scenes in each of those places are so varied, yet they’re very similar. New York has this distinct vibe, a mood in the air, and that comes across in the music. You could probably hear it more in the music I used to make but Riton also moved to New York for a while so maybe, subconsciously, there’s a bit of New York in my new music too.

London has embraced a lot of Nigerian music in the last few years and you can definitely hear it in the music that’s coming out of the UK now. It’s in my music too but I think I’m showcasing it in a different way.

Then back in Nigeria, they’re starting to embrace this more electronic-meets-house sound which you’d more likely hear in London so I guess they’re all influenced by each other these days. It’s great!

'Fasta’ and 'Rinse and Repeat' are dance anthems. Did you write the songs to get people moving?

I tend to always write songs about partying or being in the club, so I guess I do. A lot of it also comes from the type of music Riton makes. We’ve made an album together, which is coming out really soon and you’ll see we’ve taken on different styles and tempos across one album. There are more songs to get people moving but also songs that are a little more chilled.

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Tell us more about your collaboration with Riton, what do you each bring to the table?

I think our album will show you what we’re about and what each of us brings. We brought out the best in each other to create a body of work that’s just so dope and so different. I’m really excited for people to discover the different sides of me; many people don’t know that I can sing too and I don’t want to be put into one box, so hopefully this album will showcase that.

What would you like to see more of in music in 2018?

More women and more Kanye!