A chat with

Justine Skye

Flying from London to NYC and back for a day in the middle of London Fashion Week might seem a little crazy, but when you’re Justine Skye – it’s just another day at work. The Purple Unicorn has been an international jetsetter for the past few years building a music career that has seen her collaborate with Wizkid, Miguel and Jeremih. Justine first came to attention via her addictive cover of Drake’s ‘Headlines’ on YouTube and her colourful Tumblr page and has since become a style icon for this generation, but music is where her heart truly is. Back with a whole new sound and readying her debut album, Justine talks strong women, social media and style.

What kind of sound can we expect from your new album?

My new single ‘Don’t Think About It’ has just dropped which was written by UK artist Raye and producer RØMANS – it is completely UK inspired. I just heard a snippet of it and wanted to make the song immediately. The album is not my alter ego, but the person I found as young woman making it – the person I found throughout the process. For me that means as a young woman being more confident and speaking up in relationships for myself.

As a young woman do you feel it’s important for your music to have positive messages that inspire other young women?

Yes, a lot of my music is about relationships and love, and I feel like that is something that a lot of women need reassurance about because sometimes we get confused and we feel alone. I feel that way too. The beauty of being an artist is that you get to put all your emotions into music and you see that other people feel the exact same way.

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You are very active on social media – how much of yourself do you share, and how much do you hold back?

I’m actually struggling with that right now. I think I share too much! But then I realised that no, this is me, this is the era that we’re in. It’s something that I have to do. There is a lot of pressure because everyone is asking you not to forget to post things! This is where we are in life – all of our news and information comes from Twitter and Instagram.

You like to make a statement with your style, and especially your hair – how involved are you in creating your looks?

When I was younger I always wanted to dye my hair and my mum wouldn’t let me. Finally after begging her, she let me dye it purple even though it was my least favourite colour – green was my favourite! It started with just the tips of my hair then every time I went to the hair salon I came back with my hair more purple each time. I’m really involved with my look, my stylist Danasia and I work very closely together. Right now we’re planning for my tour and we’ve found so much inspiration from fashion week season.