Chances are, that at some point in the last few years you’ve found yourself on many a dance floor with a packed crowd losing their mind to a track by Disciples - the production trio that just can’t stop making hits. Following their global sensation “How Deep Is Your Love” in 2015, aided by Calvin Harris, the band have collaborated with David Guetta, released the smash hits “On My Mind” and “Jealousy”, and garnered millions of streams - all without releasing a full album to date. They’ve just recently released “No Ties” and are currently working their magic in the studio. We catch up with the band in between their sessions to find out what they’re up to next.

You’ve just released your latest track ’No Ties’. Since your breakthrough single ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, how have your careers changed? And how has your sound evolved?

Disciples has been a rollercoaster since “How Deep Is Your Love” went global. In 2018 we had to take a break from releasing and go back to the drawing board in the studio. It’s very easy to go insane in this industry. Our sound feels more mature as we’ve evolved and gotten older, it wasn’t intentional. It’s just what happens naturally.

Can you talk us through how the process works in the studio between the three of you, do you each have certain roles and how do you get over disagreements?

These days the process is different. I (Duvall) will start a lot of the ideas at my studio in Shoreditch. I like to work with different musicians, especially a guy called Kiris Houston who helped with “On My Mind”. Once the ideas are fully fleshed out I’ll send them to Luke Mac of the group, who’s a ferocious drum programmer and arranger. He’ll add the club element and a fresh arrangement. Then we’ll jump back in all three and tighten it all up. The fights over the snare and kick drum are hilarious.

What is it about a track that makes you think it's going to be a hit, is there a moment when you realise this?

We just look at each other and know. It’s a spiritual feeling that enters everyone at the same time. It’s an understanding without saying anything. Hits are unanimous and need no explanation.

You’re yet to release a full album, but your singles are huge – do you think people’s attention spans are too short for albums now, is it all about the single?

I think it’s about both the singles and an album. Singles are great but an album allows you to say and do things you can’t in a single. There are too many rules when doing singles. Albums are where the real creativity lies. I hope to release an album as we have so many unheard songs and beats that need to see the light of day.

Who else is on your bucket list for collaborations?

Pharrell. His work with NERD and Daft Punk is inspirational.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given by a fellow artist?

Make sure you never actually “arrive” … always be moving as if there is no destination. We learn new things and improve every day. No matter how successful we become.