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Cherée is a genre-defying artist from London. Her crafted, alternative electronic pop songs chart the course of various relationships – with herself, with lovers, with life. It’s a sound that draws from the worlds of EDM, pop and trip-hop, with deft, spacious production as a platform for Cherée’s melodic, reverberating vocal.

Hi Cherée, can you talk us through "Just Like Me"?

It’s a track about my relationship with myself. It’s about going through depression and it’s an uplifting song – me singing to myself in a way. It’s a little bit different to the songs of mine that are out there already. And the stuff following on from this will be a bit different as well. I think so far the songs I’ve put out have been one type of sound, so this is partly about me showing what I can do and partly introducing this side of myself that people don’t know yet.

On your previous tracks you've written about relationships, has that been a major source of inspiration for you?

Yes. For me, my relationships - whether it’s romantic or with friends or my relationship with myself and how that’s developed with my age - explain so much about who I am. How we interact with people is so interesting because you can never control how someone else feels. You’re always trying to figure out how that person might feel so differently even when you’re sharing the same moments.

Have you experienced yourself being compared to other artists?

I have been. It’s something that I think about. As much as I draw from R&B, a lot of my songs are not really R&B at all – they’re more alternative or electronic. If you’re a black girl it’s easy for people to describe you as R&B and immediately put you into that box. But I do think that is changing as music is becoming more alternative and people are mixing genres. There’s a lot of blurred lines nowadays and I’m not feeling as boxed in as artists might’ve done in the past

Who are your icons?

strongly. I love Aaliyah, I love Kelis, that Caught Out There era. More modern day people… I love Rihanna, I love how unapologetic she is.

I love women who express themselves and don’t compare themselves to others.

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