“When I was 15 I made a rock band with two of my best friends – but we weren’t the best!” Cassyette laughs. “But from then I found a love for songwriting. I’ve always been musical – but it was a bit of a secret I could sing”.

Inspired by the sounds and styles of 80s New Wave, the British-born singer is part of a new era of retro-futuristic artists taking over the music scene right now: Maximalism is back in vogue. We talk punk style icons, social media and synth sounds with the newbie to know now…

Hi Cassyette! You just released your debut single Push n Pull. Talk us through the track…

It’s inspired by an ex slightly – but mainly it’s about fighting with myself and learning to love my anxiety.

You have amassed a 31k Instagram following already. Does using social media ever make you nervous?

Yeah, it does sometimes but most of my followers seem to be a lot like me so it’s easier to be myself without worrying about people judging me.

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What’s something your ‘gram followers don’t know about you?

I think the extent of how weird I actually am. I’m letting it out slowly so that I don’t scare anyone off!

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How would you describe your music?

Electronic new wave 80s and glam rock.

Who would be your dream music collaborator to work with in the future ?

Damon Albarn and the Gorillaz. I love his and their vision and creativity. I would love to collaborate on a song and have a Cassyette made into an animation by Jamie Hewlett. She could be a love interest or something! I’ve got it all planned out!

How would you sum up your personal style in three words?

“Retro, glamorous, punk.”

“Retro, glamorous, punk.”

Who is your style icon?

This guy on Instagram called Jack Saunders – he is so punk. And Debbie Harry and David Bowie, to name just a few.

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