Alex Clare

If you don’t instantly recognise Alex Clare’s name, chances are you will instantly know his biggest hit to date, “Too Close” that was never far from a radio or television set when it was released five years ago. Since then though, there have been some changes in Alex’s career – but all for the best he reassures us. After taking some out to concentrate on his new music and enjoy his personal life the imitable musician is back with a new album. Set for release next week, his third album Tail of Lions is a product of this time spent reflecting on music and life, and promises to be his best offering to date.

You've been away since you released the last album. How have the experiences over the last couple of years shaped the way you approached Tail of Lions?

Well, I've been taking some serious time out, studying and living in Jerusalem. Musically speaking it’s an incredible place, there are so many brilliant musicians out there, from all backgrounds and genres. With regard to leaving Island, my old record label wow, what a childish relationship that was! Make ups and break ups. It definitely gave me the focus to go on my own creatively. Right now it’s really nice to be calling the shots, creating great music and focusing on what’s really important in life.

How do you feel that your sound has evolved in that time?

Significantly. It’s always changing and growing. If you had a bowling average of 130 a few years ago, you'd definitely want to be bowling a 145 now right? It’s the same in music, as we grow in years, we also grow in experience and vision.

How would you describe the new album? Is it of a similar style as what we're used to from you, or is it something completely new? 

It’s definitely a departure from Three Hearts and definitely a reimagining of my earlier adventures in sound.

Everyone loves your song 'Too Close' - it's still popular, even five years after its release. Are you growing tired of it? Or is it still a song you love to perform, because of everything it has done for you? 

Wow, five years, that’s insane! Not at all, you know, I have huge gratitude to that song, it really took me places I never imagined I’d go. It bought the house that I live in with my family and enabled me to really focus on them and it’s great to play a show and have 1500 people sing along at the top of their lungs.

What are your hopes for the future? Is there anything in particular that you hope to achieve with Tail of Lions?

Right now the focus is on the release of the records, though I'm hopeful, and really my goal is to create music people can relate to empathically.