the girls redefining pop for 2018

Pop is getting a revamp in 2018 thanks to a new wave of female artists disrupting genres, raising themes of femininity and just recording a truckload of great new tunes. From LA occult-pop artist Madge, to Atlanta rap queen Kodie Shane and Brooklyn’s EDM-meets-underground-pop sensation Yaeji, here are the artists re-shaping the pop scene in 2018.


Madge released her debut single just last month but has already left a major impression on the current pop scene. That single – “Fight or Flight Club” – has the disarming sweetness of a pop song, but with a definite edge, it is spiritual, personal, intellectual and physical. With more music set to arrive this spring, Madge is bringing new layers of spirituality and high-impact maximalism to pop music.

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Spinning off from the success of slacker rockers like Mac Demarco and DIY polymaths like Tyler, the Creator and Kevin Abstract, the bedroom pop movement is producing some of the most honest music in the universe right now. Clairo is one of the originators of the scene, delivering extravagantly sweet, very relatable, life story pop songs.

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A killer combination of drum-heavy tracks and dreamy vocals has seen Yaeji become New York’s most exciting EDM-to-underground-pop crossover artist. In late 2017 she quit her graphic design job to work full time on her music, almost instantly releasing the stunning EP2. The rest will soon be history.

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Photo credit: Lydo Le

Kodie Shane

Atlanta’s Kodie Shane is a member of Lil Yachty’s disruptive Sailing Team taking on pop and hip-hop standards simultaneously. Kodie Shane’s hook-heavy bops have made major waves on YouTube by combining shades of 90s R&B with 2018 trap-pop.

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