The Girls of 2019

Beyoncé once famously sang, “Who run the world? Girls!” And in 2019 there is certainly no shortage of talented rising female stars to keep your eyes – and ears – on. From Iceland to Ireland to South London, here is our list of ‘ones to watch’ this year.


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Icelandic teenager Glowie has already created a stir with her debut single “Body” – a powerful track encouraging body positivity amongst her fans. And according to Glowie, empowerment is something we need more of in music. “We’re all comparing ourselves to one another and we’re taught that there’s only one way to be beautiful and that’s why so many people change themselves,” she says. “They do this and that to look more like that ideal beautiful person. This is something that needs to change and my song ‘Body’ is my way of helping with exactly that.”


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Biig Pigg

21-year-old singer and rapper Biig Piig is quickly becoming a name to know amongst music’s up-and-comers. Born in Ireland, she moved to Spain as a child, and then London as a teenager while working as a poker dealer, but it was during her collaborations with creative collective Nine8 where she really found her voice musically. Working alongside fellow musicians and creatives, Biig Piig has since released a string of tracks and an EP, which will be followed by her second EP, Big Fan of the Sesh vol. 2 later this spring. Fans of melodic, laidback beats and sharp, introspective prose need to download her music immediately.


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Molly Rainford

Molly Rainford is no stranger to fame. At just 11 years old the singer stole the hearts of a nation by coming sixth on Britain’s Got Talent, but now, seven years later she’s back and ready to start a career of her own. Inspired by the likes of Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Hudson, Molly has been tirelessly working in the studio, culminating in last year’s instantly catchy “I Like You”, which this year was followed by the similarly infectious pop track “Commitment”, in which Molly laments a one-sided relationship. Up next? Expect an EP very soon.


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Greentea Peng

Fans of the spiritual need to connect with London’s Greentea Peng, a singer becoming well known for her own brand of psychedelic soul. Inspired by an eclectic mix of artists, from Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill to Sean Paul and the Clash, the individual artist creates expansive soulful R&B that draws influences from love and the trials of life. A trip to Mexico helped Greentea Peng find her voice and upon returning she released “Moonchild”, the first track from her debut EP. And what’s up next? “More words, more love, more music and hopefully some festivals”, she tells us.