The 3 girls to add to your autumn playlist

The sounds of summer may be behind us but these three female musicians are making sure that there is plenty of new music to look forward to as we slide towards the end of the year. Time to update your playlist!

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Describing her music as full of “head, hearts and guts” Jetta was a musical prodigy from an early age. Born into a musical family she taught herself production and began writing tracks in her bedroom, culminating in 2014’s EP “Start A Riot”. More recently her tracks “Losing Control” and “Fool” have had us gripped, and with more tracks on the horizon the excitement is only continuing to build.

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Syd B

LA’s latest cool girl Syd B is our new musical crush. Inspired by Amy Winehouse she crafts music that she calls “buttery ad cathartic”, and honed her skills while on a trip to England. “I found who I was and realized how powerful I can be on my own and truly myself, even in a place that's not my home,” she says. With more of the same on the horizon this year, get prepared to fall in love. But first, add viral smash “Claws” to your playlist immediately.

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Jesse Jo Stark

Sounding like the lovechild of Nick Cave and Lana Del Rey, Bella Hadid’s bestie Jesse Jo stark is a name to know this autumn. Her debut EP Dandelion was released last month featuring a perfect mash up of rock’n’roll, blues and even a bit of country – the cool kind. And if that isn’t enough, her credentials were sealed when she opened up for Guns n Roses earlier this year. Want to hear more? Download “Fire of Love” and “Dandelion” stat.