Following a year of writing and honing her sound, 2019 looks set to be SVEA’s time to shine. An outspoken and honest artist that wears her heart on her sleeve, SVEA’s debut single “Die For You” is an example of what’s to come, letting in on the artist that she intends to be.

“’Die For You’ is about that love that no one else believes in,” the artist explains. “Sometimes, not even yourself. People and society affect us tremendously, and there are times you go with what is supposed to be right rather than your own gut feeling. “Die For You” is about when you’ve managed to shut out those voices telling you that you shouldn’t be together.”

Following this single SVEA released her first EP, the deeply personal “This Is”, and is currently working on her next record. In the meantime, she shares the songs that she is listening to right now.

Time to revamp your playlist.

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