Vintage shopping with

Astrid S

Meet Astrid S. The rising talent – real name Astrid Smeplass – hasn’t even released an album yet and is already garnering global attention thanks to an MTV Europe Music Award win, lending her vocals on a Katy Perry track and releasing a slick six-track EP earlier this year. The 20-year-old’s inimitable Scandi-cool style deserves a shout out too. Snoop on her Instagram account, which has accrued nearly half a million followers, and you’ll find the singer has a strong penchant for glamorous sportswear. She’s currently based in Oslo, but vintage shopping is her first pit stop whenever she visits London – here are her top tips.

Vintage Basement, 7 Chesire Street

"I really like this place, the walls and ceiling are covered in vinyl and it has a really relaxed vibe. It’s also really filled with clothing, the racks are completely stuffed so if you spend a little bit more time in there than usual you can really find some cool stuff. I really liked the fit and style of this sequinned, floor-length dress - it has an open back and thin straps. I would like to have more pieces like this in my closet because I think you can wear it down with a pair of sneakers and some cool socks. This is perfect to wear if I have a day off in New York or Paris."

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Rokit, 42 Shelton Street

“Rokit is of course one of the most popular vintage stories in London but I think it’s got such a wide variety of clothing which is why it’s so popular! You can find a range of things – from full body snowsuits to really cool accessories or designer bags. This neon-pink Ski jacket reminds me of my Mom’s skiing jacket. These were really big in the 80s in winter in Norway and during Easter we have parties for after ski, often 80s themed, so I can wear this with big curly hair.”

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One of A Kind London, 259 Portobello Road

“This shop is legendary since it has had crazy clients like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell coming here since the 90s, which of course is really cool. The pieces they stock are all really unique and beautiful. This is great if you want a killer designer accessory that no one else will have.”

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